Rabu, 16 Juli 2014

Creating the Best Ocean Themed Bedroom

Creating the Best Ocean Themed Bedroom -  We have compiled several ideas for your bedroom. Here they are:
Idea 1: Color Pallets for Walls
You want your bedroom to feel larger, right? That is why you should avoid strong colors like deep blue or bright yellow. Not that it’s bad, but the strong colors will make your room seem smaller than it really is. The best color pallets to choose from for most bedrooms are the neutral ones. For ocean themed bedroom, you should go for neutral colors that have a lot of white, blue, green, or beige.
Diy Beach Theme Bedroom The Best Ocean Themed Bedroom Ideas
DIY Beach Theme Bedroom
Idea 2: Fabrics for your bed
Always go for light, soft fabrics that will add calming effect to your room. Remember how you love wearing flowing, light and cool fabrics in the beach? You should stick to it when decorating your bedroom. Again, choose a neutral color, but this time combines it with simple pattern or accessories. Be creative. You can combine several fabrics in the bed.
Idea 3: Accents
Adding simple decorative accents adds a very nice and beach feeling to your room. Some good examples are plants placed in glass-made pot, flowers in glass-made vase or a simple rug with light brown accents. Put the plant near the window so that it gives a natural look. Try to choose a plant that is associated with beach or ocean. If you can’t find the one that is small enough, using cactus or bamboo is good too. Don’t forget to treat them well, though. I don’t recommend using fake plant, because they not my kind of things. However, if you travel a lot, you may choose to use them. Pick the ones that look as natural as possible.
Beach Bedroom Ideas for Adult The Best Ocean Themed Bedroom Ideas
Beach Bedroom Ideas for Adult
Idea 4: Accessories
Now that you almost complete your bedroom, the last of the ocean themed bedroom ideas we can give you is to give your room accessories. You can place them at the top of the bed side table, or your cabinet, etc. Try to stick with the theme. One good example of ocean themed accessories is glass jar filled with beach sand and some sea shells. You can also put stones you’ve collected from your recent visit to the beach. Additionally, using some wall stickers may be a good idea, but try to stay modest and choose the ones that act as accessories only.